Reconciliation and the Demographic Predicament of Canada

In Canada, reconciliation with indigenous peoples is foisted particularly upon European Canadians by various liberal voices; activists, university professors, opinion writers, civil servants and political commentators on the television and radio – the same people who suspiciously give just about everyone else a free pass. Themes of “decolonization” and the pernicious influence of historical revisionism are popular among both students in the classrooms and self-fancied Marxist revolutionaries in the streets. These are pronounced elements of Canada’s social and political climate, in which a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, first Prime Minister of Canada and central architect of Confederation, was removed from its post outside Victoria BC’s city hall at a cost of $30,000, and placed into indefinite storage in an act of reconciliation towards indigenous tribes only a few months after a park was named after the founder of Pakistan, a country the formation of which involved the death of millions. It is statistically veritable that Canada is fast-becoming an oriental colony. The information supporting this statement is openly provided by the Government of Canada (see:, who are surprisingly transparent about Canada’s predicament of demographic replacement. Of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have been arriving to Canada annually for decades now, as well as the ~350,000 newcomers who will presumably be arriving every year by 2021 onwards, at least 80% or more of them are non-European in origin. Immigration, rather than natural increase from domestic births, is the main driver of Canada’s population growth. These people are not coming here all the way from China, India, the Middle East, Africa and so on, to learn about, befriend and reconcile with indigenous peoples. They are economic migrants who are coming here to build new lives paved over old native hunting grounds and burial sites.

“Reconciliation”, magnanimous in theory yet mostly hollow in application, is a formality in Canadian politics, albeit not without utility. It is an ostensibly benevolent pretext (a charade, if you will) that is leveraged by various leftist radical types (who are often white) in a targeted effort to morally denigrate European Canadians in the spirit of “decolonization”… all while Canada undergoes unprecedented colonization by various non-European groups. Interestingly, groups that proponents of “reconciliation” and “decolonization” never seem to hold accountable for their share of the moral obligation, presumably out of fear for compromising their facade of righteousness with accusations of racism and intolerance. There are serious double standards at play here. It appears that racism and intolerance are only morally reprehensible concepts depending on who they are directed towards. The people who champion “reconciliation” and “decolonization” are not against colonization in and of itself – only its practice by certain groups. As opportunists who have made a business out of politicizing their savior complexes, they exploit the masses’ vulnerability to emotional manipulation, eliciting their support by articulating themselves as warriors in a noble crusade against the group that is, for now, easiest to portray as the monolithic and oppressive majority; European Canadians. You never see them address the indifference of the Chinese in Vancouver towards the plight of indigenous peoples, as the Chinese continue to transform Vancouver into a satellite enclave of China. You never see them address the indifference of the Greater Toronto Area’s Indian communities towards the plight of indigenous peoples, as their numbers swell and they demographically conquer formerly European neighborhoods such as Scarborough. Who will the brave crusaders of reconciliation and decolonization seek to vanquish next, when Europeans lose demographic primacy in Canada circa 2036?

As someone who has taken some time to read a few books on Canadian history, I know, as everyone should, that it was various European groups; the French, British, Scottish, Irish, Germans, Italians and so on, who were overwhelmingly (this is difficult to overstate) responsible for both the design and the physical construction of Canada as a functional nation state; a place worth immigrating to in the first place. Prior to the founding of Canada as a safe and cohesive country, its geography was nothing more than untamed wilderness inhabited by various stone age tribes, who were known to wage war between each other in barbaric fashion. Ample evidence of slavery, cannibalism and even genocide have been uncovered across various parts of the American continent, north and south, pre-dating the arrival of Europeans. Despite their gradual emancipation from a stone age way of life, assimilation into modern civilization has not proven wholly successful for indigenous peoples, who are over-represented in substance abuse, missing persons and incarceration rates. Such a paradigm shift as they have endured would not be handled well by any people. Nonetheless, “reconciliation” will not go beyond kind words for them. It is ultimately up to them to elevate their status in Canadian society, because apart from a handful of benefits in the form of government grants, tax breaks and exemptions, hardly anyone is lined up to help them.

The reality is that the various leftist radical types who advocate “reconciliation” and “decolonization” are pawns who embody the useful idiot archetype. In exchange for a sense of self-actualization and moral affirmation, they fulfill an implicit alliance with the Canadian establishment as defacto enforcers and evangelists of liberal capitalist hegemony, with sprinkles of socialism to placate. The central planners and social engineers of Canada regard “Canadian identity” as an ambiguous label for the citizenry; interchangeable units of economic exchange. Thus, mass immigration serves to import labor, tax payers and voters in an infinite economic growth scheme, regardless of the detrimental effects on the cultural, ethnic and demographic integrity of European Canada. How will indigenous peoples fare any better from this process?

At this point, nobody can reasonably deny the inevitability of awkward discourse and socio-political tensions, uncomfortable at best, inciteful at worst, that will characterize the future of Canada. It will certainly become increasingly necessary that historical revisionism is undertaken to reconcile a future demographic that starkly contrasts against the historical identity of the nation and its founders. The ambiguous definition of what it means to be “Canadian” will fall under increasing scrutiny, and whether or not liberal ideologues can successfully defend against the ever-growing pressure of nationalists, identitarians and disparate group interests, remains to be seen. We are a unique country, in that the indigenous peoples having dwindled from 100% of Canada’s population half a millennia ago, to 4% today, is regarded as the unjustly fruits of oppression, but Europeans decreasing from 98% of the population during Confederation in 1867, or 96% as recently as 1971, to a projected ~20% by the turn of this century?

Well, as many here in Canada would say, that is “progress”.

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