The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming. This is fact, there is no avoiding it. A technological paradigm shift where all electronics, outfitted with various types of sensory hardware, are interconnected, facilitating the seamless exchange of information. Your television, your smart watch, your mattress, the fucking toaster. Part of the information involved in this ecosystem will be your conversations, recorded, stored in gigantic databases, deciphered by advanced speech recognition software and then categorized according to subject matter, political views and psychological profile. This information will be aggregated to formulate accurate “heat map” visualizations of broader regional profiles according to the aforementioned criteria. This will allow the establishment to efficiently divert state attention to where it is needed for the purpose of social engineering. Maintenance of the self-sustaining system will become as simple as watering plants in the garden. Dissenters can be shut down via mouse click: accounts and services frozen. Social, financial and professional sanctions, and the possibility of involuntary “rehabilitation”. “Progress” and “Equality” will become the greatest pretexts of the 21st century.
Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia, right? Ironically that perception is exactly the sentiment of skepticism on which this concept manifests into reality. The multinational trillion dollar corporations and economic/political elite are pulling for your apathy. Consent to the interests of the ruling class will BE the baseline reference of normality, it will literally *BE the ethos* – the guiding principle, the guiding spirit, the guiding ideal to aspire towards. The pervasive, underlying world view of society at large will be molded towards a magnitude of collectivism never before seen in history, all under the banner of “Individualism”. Your life experience will be relegated to a social credit score (China is implementing this by 2020 – mandatory), federally issued/regulated digital token ledger(s) on the block chain, and the pre-packaged, marketed products and experiences that you can purchase with it (provided your social credit score meets the criteria). You will, fundamentally, have little to no agency unless you completely drop out of the system, in which case your rights might then not be recognized by the state, and you will essentially be considered a useless, disposable asset (non-taxable). Roughly predicting, this will be fully implemented by 2040.
There are historical precedents for all of this, but the rapid advancement of technology is going to accelerate and concentrate it. Facebook already collects and sells your data (likes, interests, groups joined etc) to corporations for marketing purposes. Who knows what else? There’s a reason Mark Zuckerberg was visibly extremely anxious when asked about privacy in a public and recorded setting. The inquiry was like pointing at the tip of an iceberg, but it exacerbated HIS particularly detailed and evidently uncomfortable understanding of the magnitude and implications of Facebook’s potential for (and practice of) violation of privacy. And that’s just Facebook – do you really think it ends there?

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