How to manage subject populations: A basic primer for the globalist elite class

1. Destroy the people
2. Destroy the nation

3. Achieve the creation of an easily manipulable global consumer base.

How is this achieved? Use every major influential medium at your disposal (Academia/Institutions/Publications, Media, Pop Culture, Film/Television) to ideologically condition subject population(s) over the course of generations, to enjoy both the process as applied to them, as well as the voluntary act, of deconstructing the historical, cultural, and ethnic foundations of their identity. The most advanced state of this conditioning is observed in its capacity for self-sustainability as demonstrated by the willingness of its subjects.

The following can not be stressed enough: By entrenching this ideological subversion within an artificial framework of morality that is, remarkably, at odds with common sense, and ancient patterns seen in nature, evolution and biology, you create a self-sustaining system. A “matrix effect”, where its subjects are now doing the heavy lifting for you. They not only enjoy deconstructing themselves, they attack others for not doing the same.

Everyone wants to view themselves in a positive light. Nobody wants to feel that they are not a good, moral person. This self-reflection weighs on our conscience, for some more than others. Most of us want to fit in, to be part of something greater than ourselves that is seen as “good” and worth pursuing. We fear social rejection. Because of this, we often feel that we have no choice but to play by the rules of the environment we find ourselves within. This environment isn’t only physical, it’s social, it’s political, and it has constraints, boundaries, “no-go” zones, just like a physical environment. Much of these “rules” are artificial. They are artificially constructed and reinforced over a long time by people who don’t have your best interests in mind (though they claim to for good optics and PR). They are clever, they have put the tools for navigating the environment of life in front of you to use in such a way that is conducive to the proliferation of their own success. Not only that, but if you break the rules, your fellow “players” will often turn on you. They’ve been trained to, just as you’ve been trained to turn on them. These rules are carefully rooted in an artificial framework of morality that rewards people for playing by them with a sense of self-affirmation, while encouraging them to attack others who don’t. What are these rules?

The Law Council of Upper Canada just sent a memo to every lawyer in Ontario, which gives us a clue. That they should submit a written endorsement of the following values to exemplify in their legal practice: Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. These concepts are fundamentally ideological, in that they are not generally observed in nature, at least not in the way that we see them applied within human societies, despite our being a part of nature and its systems. Intricate models of reasoning and maintenance are required to sustain them.

They are also well-suited to be used as pretexts. A pretext is anything that can be used as masking agent to hide the true, underlying motive(s) behind something. It’s intuitively reasonable to state that Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion are all agreeable concepts at face value, isn’t it? They do not imply the infliction of harm, or do they? Not upon anyone who espouses them as sacred doctrine of enlightenment, but for those who don’t? There is Hell to pay.

And so the foundation of the self-sustaining system of ideological subversion is built with these pretexts. Generations of ideological conditioning through the media and schools, coupled with cherry-picked historical precedents that support its narrative, have given way to a readily available set of terms that can be used to slander and silence dissidents. Everyone is familiar with these terms: Racist, Fascist, Bigot, Intolerant, Xenophobe(ic), Far-Right, Nazi, Hate. Sometimes more nuanced examples such as “Fear” and “Ignorance” are used, but the function is all the same. Anyone who challenges the program of the elite class to use hyper-individualism at a micro level to achieve consolidated collectivism at a macro (global) level, stands to receive these searing brands. Antifa, and other leftist radicals, will employ violence to defend this program, while, ironically, claiming to be against its authors. Your friends, family, and neighbors will shun you if you are found to oppose this program. This is the self-sustaining system.

If you are a white European, the deconstruction of the historical, cultural, and racial foundations of your identity has been enshrined as a moral imperative, because it stands in the way of achieving a globalist consumer utopia where distinction is seen as a force of oppression that must be mitigated, if not erased.

In-group preference is discouraged among the masses, while practiced by the elite.

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