Election Day in France


The management class successfully tricked you into deriving moral affirmation from the act of supporting the erosion of your history and heritage, through their use of economic pretexts, various logical fallacies such as unrefined emotional appeal and moral equivalency, as if efforts to preserve and ensure the continuity of the cultural, ethnic, historical, demographic, and geographic basis of one’s identity are “literally Hitler!”, and the systematic implementation of radically unchecked and unbalanced liberal and progressive ideologies into the institutional structure of the nation for the purpose of creating a social climate that is conducive to the proliferation of hyper-capitalism on a global scale to the benefit of society’s elite class of the social hierarchy, while those who constitute the deliberately consolidated mass of consumers were not conscientious enough to realize that their idea of being a “good”, “moral”, and “normal” person was in many ways actually a carefully drafted blueprint that they were prescribed to follow for the effect of strengthening someone else’s capital and in-group strategy, while weakening their own.

They get off so hard when you discount this concept as a “right-wing conspiracy theory”, because you’re doing their work for free. Radicalized forms of liberalism and progressivism are primary mediums of the establishment’s conduct. These ideologies and their constituents can be easily leveraged as pretexts to achieving elite-model forms of economic prosperity, because they intuitively appeal to the masses’ evolutionarily hardwired penchant for minimal resistance and immediate gratification, thus allowing the few to elicit the support of the many with relative ease. Few consider the cost of “progress”. Regressive progress is a counterintuitive concept that international corporations and oligarchs want to keep obfuscated. To them, there’s nothing greater than the ability to sell to a consumer base any variety of delicious poisons that keeps them coming back for more. Their wet dream is to program a moral and ethics-based Pavlovian response in people to not only desire, but enjoy the transition into rootless, identity-robbed, blank and interchangeable units of economic exchange.

Don’t be a useful idiot.

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