Big Lies: How Globalists use pretexts to destroy nations

When governments cite “low birth rates” and an “ageing population” when they call for mass foreign immigration, please be informed that these are pretexts. A pretext is when you cite a reason for doing something that isn’t actually the real reason. I’ve been following geopolitics in Europe for a while now, and have seen (and am still seeing) many EU officials parroting this rhetoric. It’s important to understand that these politicians do not have the interests of the average every day citizen in mind. They are corrupt sellouts who are beholden to clandestine globalist interests. They are colluding to apply the model of corporate consolidation to different people and nation states for the sake of economic efficiency, because when these things, in all their unique beauty, are reduced to interchangeable blank slate units of economic exchange, their jobs as members of the management class become much easier.

Deconstructing their pretexts is easy. If low birth rates and an ageing population really are such urgent issues that justify the mass foreign immigration that they call for, all one needs to do is consider a few things.

On average, in western countries it costs over 10 times more to integrate people of foreign background than it does people of similar background. People of foreign descent are also over-represented within social welfare usage statistics. If these statistics aren’t true, then you’re depleting donor nations of their best and brightest in a one-sided exchange that harms them in the long term. There are many, many other examples of the negative effects of this, such as culture clash, and the formation of insular enclaves within society that reduce civic participation, trust, and communication. I encourage you to do your own research on all of the aforementioned points.

Rather than systematically implementing population replacement in draconian fashion under the cover of pretexts, the required funding (which is absolutely massive) can rather be allocated towards providing state-subsidized incentives for stimulating healthy birth rates across EU member states. Interestingly, there are historical precedents for this, but in Europe’s case they’re not always politically correct.

Back in the 1930’s National Socialist Germany was doing this. The Germans were having so many babies, that Hitler became obsessed with the acquisition of “Lebensraum”, meaning “living space”, and that was part of the reason why Germany began invading neighboring countries. Because the allies won the war and subsequently ingrained their narrative within western consciousness, one might as well argue that virtually everything associated with German National Socialism has thus become synonymous with the universal definition of evil. As a result, the not so far-fetched idea of governments literally paying their citizens to have sex and bear economically viable numbers of offspring (I know, so radical, right? So extremist™) has become a sort of taboo by association.

The gut reaction to this from most people is typical and shortsighted. It’s usually something along the lines of “omg u *insert usual buzzword* i’m calling the police please send help!”. They’re completely missing the point, reacting from base emotional whim, and in doing so, doing the work of the globalist establishment. Corporations, big government and institutions love when you rush to defend their weaponized hyper-liberal orthodoxy. They want you to be a cog in their self-maintaining machine. Don’t be a useful idiot.

The takeaway from this isn’t “Hitler was right, let’s restore the Third Reich!”. The point is a universal truth equally applicable to any given example of a nation; that in this case, the future of Western Civilization doesn’t lay in foreigner’s wombs. The notion that Western Civilization has to partake in such one-sided exchanges out of necessity if it is to survive in any meaningful sense, might as well be considered a form of madness. When it comes to population replacement via mass immigration, you don’t see the donor nations asking for mass influxes of European migration to secure the future of their country. If you can’t see how actually believing the pretext-laden rhetoric of those traitorous EU officials is a completely backwards and defeatist way of thinking, I feel sorry for you. You should feel sorry for yourself for having allowed yourself to be conned into believing a big lie.

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