Over two millennia ago, Sun Tzu wrote on the importance of forming strong alliances. Alliances have been the hallmark of virtually every successful military campaign in history, whether on a micro level from soldier to soldier, or the macro between different states. Sun Tzu wrote that alliances must be handled in a dynamic fashion, as circumstances are always changing, therefore it is important to recognize when alliances have outgrown their usefulness. Nonetheless, they must be sought in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness in the pursuit of conquest. In operations of any nature, collaboration introduces more variables, more ways of doing things, and therefore greater results. This applies not only in the context of war and politics, but other facets of life such as business or personal social life.

Unfortunately the potential of alliances often goes overlooked. There are many organizations that in spite of their mutual interests with other organizations like them, continue to operate in an insular fashion. This is perhaps primarily the result of stubbornness and poor communication. What sense is there in overlooking the opportunity to support others who are in a position to reciprocate, and thus form synergistic partnerships? And yet this is exactly what I am seeing to some degree within the Canadian traditional/right/nationalist scene. It’s not as bad as it could be, there are early-stage signs of networking and collaboration coming into motion. In fact, even now I would speculate that the long-term prognosis is good, because I have personally witnessed several instances of this taking place. But I will say, it’s about time. There is still much progress to be made.

Here in Canada, but particularly within the major metropolitan city zones of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), we live within the “belly of the beast”. The “beast” being the cosmopolitan machine of Cultural Marxism that weaves and destructively overlaps economic fluidity with historically rooted and tangible things like race, culture, and heritage. If you want to learn more about Cultural Marxism, this is a good starting reference. The pervasive nature of the status quo’s belief in radical egalitarianism is an all-encompassing ethos, however artificial and uprooted from reality it may be. It is reflected in almost every major form of cultural perpetuation. The media, institutions, and political establishment endorse it dogmatically as a rule.

This is the context within which the aforementioned traditional/right/nationalists within Canada operate against. This is why alliances are important. While it is important for individuals and the organizations they comprise to avoid the risk of becoming centralized, and therefore easy to target, the inverse of this must also be avoided. Numerous islands of incohesive tangents can not effectuate the kind of change necessary to ward the threat of Cultural Marxism. If the West is to retain its character, it must be undertaken by those willing and able to champion the art of communication and diplomacy.

In closing, I would emphasize the importance of practicing the weeding out of those who serve only to discredit the struggle against Cultural Marxism. The establishment, media, and institutions are always looking for convenient straw men, that is, useful idiots who serve as liabilities to be exploited to the detriment of the traditional/right/nationalist ethos. It is imperative that care be taken in the approach and vetting of those who are intended to serve in the pursuit of ideals greater than oneself.

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