The 2016 American Presidential Election

Those who avoid politics deserve to be ruled by their inferiors. That having been said, this cycle of the American election is unfortunate, in that neither side of the political spectrum has a particularly viable candidate.

There is a saying though, and it goes “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Anyone who has put in at least a small amount of effort will know that Hillary is the biggest anti-American globalist shill possible. Her top five campaign donors are all radical neo-liberals beholden to foreign interests, among other commonalities that have historically not been aligned with American interests. Leaks confirm her desire for a world characterized by open borders and free trade. She has publicly lauded Angela Merkel’s nationally suicidal policy of border dissolution.

The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund, masquerading as a charity, used to launder money for illicit purposes. The BBC themselves report that of the 13 billion dollars raised internationally for the Haitian earthquake relief fund, only 10% went to the Haitian government and Haitian organizations. The rest went to various non-Haitian organizations. Hillary Clinton, herself, played a sizable role in overseeing how these funds were managed and diverted. The Clinton Foundation’s relatively modest portion of these contributions, 30 million, mirrored this in that much of the funds were sent to a number of companies receiving contracts in Haiti, who also happened to be entities that made large donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The FBI rightfully investigated her to discern whether or not she handled classified information on the private email server inside her New York home, located outside secure government facilities. This would be an illegal act, well outside the acceptable protocols for someone acting as a Secretary of State. She willfully, knowingly impeded this investigation by deleting around 33,000 emails during the process. This constitutes the obstruction of a federal investigation. What is she hiding? Again, let off the hook.

She’s been tied to complicity with pedophiles and accused rapists (Bill Clinton, numerous times).

I could go on, but I want to make a point. In accordance with the findings of numerous research studies conducted by neuroscientists across the world, it has been found that emotions and “gut feeling” play a sizable role in the decision making process. Think about how many Americans hold a short-sighted preoccupation with the novelty of seeing the first female president being elected. This is directly in line with the extreme progressiveness that the western (publicly acceptable) status quo has been indoctrinated with for decades now, but particularly the past ten years or so. For many, it’s not so much that Hillary actually IS the ideal candidate to lead the world’s greatest military power – she’s not – as much as it is the following:

This new, regressive social justice warrior reactionary-ism against the principles of nature and tradition, that is obsessed with revolting against her state-appointed straw man: Donald Trump. A man who is most-often maligned on the basis of his tone, mannerisms, approach, temperament, and things he says. Because in 2016, feelings are paramount above all.

But Hillary? The case against her is almost inverted, and based most often, not on trivialities, but on things she has actually DONE. Tonight we will all stand by and watch a little over half of a once great nation, collectively elect the woman who will continue them along the trajectory to social and demographic fragmentation.

The America we know today, as fleeting as it is, was not founded by immigrants – it was founded by colonists. There is a difference. Learn it, and then watch it fade away beyond the point of no return, as we tread on the ashes of the world our ancestors built, towards the creation of a brave new one. A world based on historical revisionism, lead by a plutocratic globalist hegemony bent on redefining your identity into a rootless consumer, not with loyalty to family or heritage, but to that of the state, who will have little in common with its new consolidated populace.

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