On Moral Supremacy and Virtue Signaling

Moral Supremacy and Virtue Signaling appeal to the basic emotions that lay at the core of leftist extremism. Easy to adopt, these ways of thinking naturally appeal to people who are either unable, or unwilling, to carefully distinguish subtle yet critical variables in the equations of politics and philosophy. They are symptoms of ignorance, nihilism, and apathy. Moral Supremacy and Virtue Signaling are a fluid medium in the pursuit of an end goal; the suppression and neutralization of whatever its practitioners deem fit to throw under the artificially constructed blanket definition of the world’s “ultimate evils”.

And yet, their practitioners are not the ones whose end goals are achieved. Practitioners of Moral Supremacy and Virtue Signaling are, by and large, an instrument of something above themselves. They are lubrication in the machine of their own deconstruction. A machine built and run by a globalist establishment of international financiers, who are mobilized on the backs of these unaware supporters. On the backs of people who, in a bizarre twist of fate, would otherwise often claim to be anti-establishment contrarians.

Without Moral Supremacy and Virtue Signaling, the march towards the destructive singularity of globalization would not be possible. It is when people integrate Moral Supremacy and Virtue Signaling into the fabric of their identity, that they become dependent on it. An addiction to the trading of moral currency forms, feeding the ego at the expense of whatever they can publicly condemn as evil and unjust, even if it is not true. It thrives on assigning guilt by proxy; the blurring of lines, the loss of important details, vague association.

Unfortunately, these modes of thought are easy to institutionalize and proliferate within the consciousness of the masses. The Globalist Hegemony figured out an essential formula: That they can convert weakness, that is, the ignorance, nihilism, apathy, and pathological altruism of the masses, into fuel for their cause. They capitalized on the following:

That it is human nature, for most, to take the path of least resistance.

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