Cognitive dissonance and the Red Pill

In the 1999 film The Matrix, the protagonist Neo has a rude awakening, when it is revealed to him that he is part of a dystopian system run by machines, who harvest energy from people whose consciousness is facilitated by the titular virtual reality construct. The pop-culture reference “red-pill” is derived from this work of fiction, the act of being afflicted with an overwhelming truth or realization about the true conditions of ones’ own existence. It is a very pertinent reference to the situation that Europeans of western civilization find themselves in.

The fact that Europeans both at home and abroad are being awakened to the reality of Marxism and critical theory in such a way that shocks them, presupposes the fact that there has indeed been a concerted effort to hide this reality from them. History, culture, heritage, ancestry… having pride in and identifying with these things, is under attack. Borders, which create inherent differences between the variety of peoples who share the planet, whether they be physical, geographic, social, racial/ethnic, or political borders, are under attack. The world is being driven towards the consolidation of everything that makes us unique, by overseers who do not practice what they preach, for the sake of maintaining a competitive edge themselves. When you realize this, you start to see things differently. Have you grabbed your tinfoil hat yet? I hope not, because this is where truth might get a little bit stranger than fiction.

The operating class of the establishment have carefully and methodically collaborated to structure modern life in such a way that supports their own interests. This is a rather basic model of society replicated in simulations involving rats, where in times of scarcity, the strongest alter the conditions in their favor by allocating resources to themselves, and to the detriment of the population at large. It turns out that people are no different. In this case, the operating class, consisting of ultra-wealthy financiers, have envisioned a future in which their tribe can convert the world at large into an environment that is conducive to their own success and proliferation. In conjunction with this, it is strategically efficient, and even genius, to inconspicuously promote and exploit pathological altruism as a widespread cultural practice, while not practicing it themselves. Why do all the hard work, when you can convince your opposition to do most of it for you? You condition your enemy not only to destroy themselves, but enjoy it.

So the red-pilled person, now conscientious and alert of this environmental conditioning, picks up on the cues regularly in a way that can be distressing. For example, they’re aware of the motivations behind mixed-race couples inundating advertisement and media, despite the fact that it is a relatively recent, and therefore atypical phenomenon in societies that have otherwise been homogeneous for many thousands of years, and that developed according to and as a result of said homogeneity. They may also be aware of the profound and lasting effects that occur as a result of this, in context with western society which is still mostly (for now) aligned with views rooted in history and tradition. This promotion of miscegenation is a form of social engineering, the acceptance of which is made palpable through early exposure to each new generation. The views and opinions of the young are very much in accordance with their frame of reference. The operators of the establishment have it in their interest to fundamentally change the frame of reference in such a way, that the youth of the future will be born into a world that is wholly misaligned with that of their ancestors. When it becomes not only acceptable, but publicly commendable to abandon your identity, the process will be complete. Minorities will fight for equality until one inevitable outcome is achieved: they become the new majority. This entails the destruction of their perceived oppressors, in this case, through assimilation. This is how you effectively destroy resistance beyond all possibility of recovery. A global monoculture. Until then, white-identitarians will be viewed as a catalyst for inequality and oppression.

This is only an example of the awareness that being red-pilled grants. No stranger to controversial topics, I am not here to pull my punches. We are fully within proper convictions, when we challenge ideologies that challenge us, our society, and greater tribe at large.

There is a social problem that can occur for those who harbor such insights. In Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, the freed prisoner is unable to convey their insight to those who have not yet experienced the truth first-hand. A myriad of tensions result, not only between people, but also within the minds of red-pilled people themselves. They can find it difficult to find comfort in a world that is seemingly predisposed against them. The views of the majority are not in accordance with their own. A cognitive dissonance arises when they are forced to adhere to the practices of the status quo, which are often contradictory to the realizations they have undergone. For example, they may often come across people who are blissfully ignorant about the marginalization of Europeans within their own ancestral homelands, despite being of wholly European ancestry themselves, but who are rather shortsightedly preoccupied with their own selfish individualistic impulses pertaining to material gain and personal wealth, without any vision of a world left for their children. There is the feeling of being unable to  discuss issues that genuinely concern you, for fear of being ostracized and labeled. This kind of social alienation is ironic, and while it is not mutually related across Europeans at large, it affects us all nonetheless.

We can only hope that it is not too late when, and if, everyone wakes up.



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