The Call to Arms

For many thousands of years, we were tribal and warlike. This is in our blood. It was carved into the nature of our being, like stone engravings, the etchings sharpened by repetitive evolutionary honing over generations. It came to be out of necessity, as it always has been, and always will be. The necessity to protect that which is yours. The necessity to acquire that which is not. These necessities constitute self-preservation, though not only on the individual level, but also that of the tribe at large. Collectivism, tribalism itself, is a preservative agent.

I live in the most multicultural part of Canada. I do not identify as Canadian anywhere near as much as I identify as that which I really am. A man of entirely European stock, with recorded ancestry dating back hundreds of years in the Netherlands and Italy. In this regard, and very much so in the words of Marshall McLuhan, the medium is the message. Slapping the label “Canadian” on my forehead is trivial, and has relatively little impact on my perception of who I am, when I can read a book that has my family name on it, and records my ancestral lineage dating back to the medieval ages.

The problem is that here in Canada, most people do not think this way. We are systematically programmed from a young age in the education system to forsake any notion of pride and identification with culture, ancestry, and heritage. Here we are taught from birth that we are merely blank slates, and a product of nothing more than experiences. While there may be a certain degree of truth to this notion, it doesn’t change the fact that people are not born 1:1 equal. This is meant to be interpreted in a multi-faceted way. We are not all born with the same mental and physical characteristics. Gene expressions are wildly different depending on ones ancestry. Some people are predisposed towards certain illnesses, others are born tall, or with a certain eye color, and some have different inherent cognitive abilities, deficiencies, or psychological predispositions. Different ethnic cultures evolved isolated, in specific geographic conditions, over a very long time. As a result of this, we are all living, breathing, unique expressions of art.

The thing is, that not only here in Canada, but in every western country of European origin, the present day establishment enforces the “mixing of the paints”, to the destruction of the greater picture at large. This can be attributed in part to unchecked free-market capitalism in conjunction with globalization, which breeds “sellout culture” and creates environments conducive to the selfish proliferation of its overseers. It is much easier for the monolithic corporate entities to sell their product to a single, consolidated consumer base. One without differences that need to be addressed on a per-customer basis. When your consumer base is a singular, consolidated entity, it is much easier to address, market to, and manage. Such a society that cultural Marxism, globalism, and critical theory would lead to, would also serve a myriad of other useful purposes for a totalitarian, globalist government striving for total control, from behind the scenes, through financial and economic manipulation. Political dissent is much less likely to arise in a society devoid of ethnic and cultural variety, that is, the lack of such diversity at all, but only the existence of one mixed culture and ethnicity. There would be no unique expression of art worth fighting for, worth preserving.

The liberal-leftist extremism of enforced diversity will, in the long term, invariably lead to the loss of all diversity at large. Marginalization occurs by way of the minority taking a foothold through its own force, or that of the vested interests supporting it. When the masses of the majority have been sedated, pacified by illusions and pretexts in such a way to allow this to occur, they are nothing more than lubrication in the machine of their own demise.

Pathological altruism has been instilled in the minds of the young. Selfish and radical individualism in a consumer society fueled by material desires, has divided the European identity, at home and abroad. Our roots have been devalued. The importance of those who share a common culture, history, land, and heritage, has been devalued. The men are being feminized. The sexes drawn into battle against each other over illusory contentions. We are being disarmed through careful, subtle, methodical and carefully veiled ideological subversion. The resistance is neededWe must rearm ourselves, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The time to fight is now.

The greatest thing that I can suggest in undertaking this, is a grassroots revival of the European spirit. The rekindling of the fire that was never quite put out. The noble endeavor to establish rightful dominance and governance of the ancestral lands from which we all hail. This struggle must be executed on all fronts, politically, meta-politically, within the home, among family and friends, on the streets, on the medium of the internet, and beyond. Seek out other like-minded identitarians, and congregate. Revive the tribal and warlike spirit that sleeps within you. The success of this cause is warranted by the objective fact that we are right in our desire to retain and preserve the conditions that lead to our unique existence. No toxic ideology or “delicious poison” can change that inherent truth. All we need to do is break the false, illusory chains of baseless “stigma” and criticism that hold us down. Simply recognize that the establishment has worked very hard to have European patriotism, nationalism, and pride, erroneously redefined in the eyes of the public as “hateful”, “racist”, “extreme”, “xenophobic”, “nazi”, “intolerant”, and all manner of other buzzwords with programmed negative connotations intended to instill guilt in us for being a threat to their plan. We should be proud of receiving such labels, for it translates directly into their antithesis. It means we are on the path to reclamation.

Deny pathological altruism. Reject the delicious poisons they try to sell you.

Embrace the rightful privilege bestowed on you by the struggles of your ancestors. Be proud, and hold your head up high.

It is time for us to show the rest of the world that poking the beast was a very, very bad idea.





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