Viable actions for the proliferation of the Alternative Right in 2016

On January 1st I watched Angela Merkel’s New Year’s Speech for 2016. During her speech she addresses the trials that recent years have brought upon Germany and the rest of Europe. Please watch the video. You may have noticed that Merkel is a genuinely insane heretic who calls for the sabotage of the European identity. She is nothing more than a puppet whose facade and actions are in compliance with secretive vested interests. She does not represent the interests of Europe and its people.

Before I degenerate into emotionally-charged rhetoric, I would like to look forward and focus on the path that must be taken to combat the assault of leftist-extremism that Merkel and other suicidal traitors espouse. It should be obvious enough by now that her purported economic prosperity attributable to migrant invasion is transient, whereas the destruction it inflicts upon the European identity has the power to echo throughout eternity.

During her speech Merkel claims “it is important for us not to follow those with coldness or hatred in their hearts, who seek to exclude others, whilst claiming the German identity for themselves alone.“. A classic example of proactive love and preservation of one’s heritage and identity being labeled as hatred. This is one of the main problems we need to address. We must struggle to change the perception of certain words and ideas. We have to shift definitions back into their rightful application. This objectively righteous movement will never gain the traction it needs, if it constantly allows itself to be defined as hateful. We must not play into the label traps that the leftist-extremist traitors set for us, by stumbling into the roles and patterns that they have come to expect and then resist accordingly. We must garner the support of the majority by adapting to the perceived needs and expectations of the sedated masses, in such a way that satisfies their need for moral posturing while furthering our cause.

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

This kind of research makes it very clear that we can be successful in securing our ethnic and cultural sovereignty. The European people still remain the majority within their ancestral homelands. It is only a matter of consolidating them under a shared vision. An obstacle preventing this is that the toxic capitalistic sellout media has been very successful in maintaining the public’s appetite for what can be referred to as “delicious poisons”. This term can be used to refer to any ideology, philosophy, and way of thinking in general that initially presents itself as intuitively agreeable to viewers, but is in fact detrimental to them. A very good example and closely-related term to this is pathological altruism, defined as an unhealthy focus on others to the detriment of one’s own health.

This is what is being both forced onto and embraced by white people on a global scale. We are slowly being persuaded by the many various forms of media into abandoning a sense of value for our identity – that is, our land, culture, and ethnicity. These are precious inheritances. A strong co-factor that supports the devaluation and destruction of these inheritances is white people’s willingness to sell them out in favor of personal gain. Extreme capitalistic individualism breeds selfishness, and a short-sighted lack of care for the greater picture at large. The greater picture is our heritage and the paradigm of existence that we created, which in turn has allowed us to contribute to the destruction of our culture, land, and ethnicity. Basically, we built a very potent tool (the capitalistic and “democratically free” western world) and then decided to slowly kill ourselves with it by selling out. I believe that’s called irony.

The Alternative Right’s cause is to reassign white people’s sense of value to the precious inheritances of our land, culture, and ethnicity, and unify white people in the protection of it.

I believe that one of the greatest tactics we can leverage to achieve this, is to emulate the patterns and behavior of one of the most successful, resilient, and persistent historical and contemporary peoples we share this planet with: Jewish people. Ever coordinated, ever unified in solidarity, ever motivated by a perhaps innate sense of destiny and superiority that is interwoven into the very fabric of the ancient religious doctrine they revere. The bedrock of their identity holds true to the tenets of survival. A latent, pending advantage that Europeans and white people await, given our current circumstances, will be our ability to play the same victim status card that Jews have leveraged for over 70 years and beyond. It has proven an extremely effective tactic for them. This is only one of the examples I was referring to when I talked about the “struggle to change the perception of certain words and ideas”. Very soon, if not already, we will have gained our ability to elicit the sympathy and support needed to further our cause. The same kind of sympathy and support that has allowed the Jewish people to secure and defend a national homeland, receive billions of dollars in aid a year, and succeed as elite members in every facet of society. It has even gone so far as to protect and “justify” their genocidal displacement and replacement of certain peoples in “their” homeland.

It will take more than leveraging victim status alone. In conjunction with this, we must also work to counter accusations of hatred and extremism by cleverly reflecting them. By essentially turning the words of our detractors into deadly boomerangs that return to strike the throwers down. By working to define them as the extremists and hateful ones, and again, leveraging victim status to justify it. We should go so far as to make it a social stigma against cultural norms to even criticize the European/White identity and mission. 

The Alternative Right must define itself as a movement motivated not by hatred, but by love. Love of one’s heritage and identity. We should embrace and promote certain beliefs that give credibility to our movement in the public eye. Beliefs such as defining people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character (which I genuinely believe). This will absolve us of being seen as “typical intolerant racists”, and resonates with what I said about “not playing into the label traps that the leftist-extremist traitors set for us, by stumbling into the roles and patterns that they have come to expect”. At the same time, we must also mitigate possible backfire from such views by enforcing the principle of “good fences make good neighbors”.

I would like to think that this is what this movement is largely about. The preservation and enrichment of all the world’s peoples within their own respective place of origin. To destroy the European/White identity and the conditions that lead to its existence under the pretext of “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, “egalitarianism”, “economic prosperity”, and all the other delicious poisons, is a crime, and insanity.






2 thoughts on “Viable actions for the proliferation of the Alternative Right in 2016

  1. I just found your site from YouTube. Very good work all around! I live in Michigan and have been putting together AltRight gatherings regularly. Please feel free to email if you’re interested in attending a large gathering for the “Great Lakes” region in the near future.


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