European Nationalism: The Chains of History

The political and philosophical climate of the western world is one of leftist-extremism. It is so liberal that it has become self-destructive. The majority of westerners adopt this leftist-extremism as their way of thinking, because it consists of warm and fuzzy ideologies that serve as the path of least resistance. It is human nature to seek easy comfort. Political correctness and egalitarianism are inherently illusory constructs of thought. They are constantly waiting to be crushed by reality. To commit oneself wholly to leftist-extremism ironically leads to the same results that one otherwise seeks to avoid in the first place when they embrace these ways of thinking.

When the blueprint for the modern western world was envisioned by its European creators, naturally, it was intended as being to the benefit of its own people. It was only until much later, and over time, that they began to sell out to it. Just like building a fast car, only to slowly begin disassembling the brakes and steering wheel, destining the car to crash and burn, leaving little semblance of its former self. The western world is selling out its culture, its ethnicity, and its land, for temporary gains and illusory benefits, under the false pretext of political correctness, egalitarianism, diversity, and multiculturalism. We are selling out the heritage that our ancestors would not have wanted us to destroy, all for the sake of maintaining useless moral posturing and temporary comfort in our self-destructive echo-chamber. We are too afraid, too unwilling to accept the truth when it tastes unsavory. We are used to sugar-coating reality so that it is easier to accept, so much so that people have forgotten that even poison can taste delicious. Pathological altruism, defined as an unhealthy focus on others to the detriment of one’s own well-being, is the deadliest of the delicious poisons.

So ask yourself, why may African, Chinese, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Japanese, and Israeli nations and people be nationalistic without condemnation? Why is that acceptable despite the fact that European nationalism is scorned with accusations of hatred and racism? Nationalism by definition means solidarity. It is defined as a people united by a common language, land, history, ancestry, faith, culture, ethnicity, and heritage. Therefore, to criticize European nationalism and European solidarity, is no different than to assert that there is something unacceptable about the existence of the European identity. How did that become so? When did such hypocrisy and double-standard become the default way of thinking, in the western world of all places? There is obviously something very wrong with that.

Somehow, a widespread sickness of the mind has been instilled in Europeans. A willingness to kneel and accept the destruction of their identity. Could this sickness of the mind be chained to a heavy anchor, somewhere in history? Perhaps sometime not too long ago, where the chain, in its relation to the time elapsed since then, is still short enough to keep Europeans bound and vulnerable.

I would suggest an aesthetically challenging answer to this question. The explanation for this European sickness of mind seems to be tethered to the outcome of World War II, and the aftermath of it that we are still living in today. 70 years ago, when the National Socialist Workers Party collapsed in 1945, specific elements of their tenets, which were in fact very similar to core principles of European continuity, became demonized under a single blanket definition. Principles such as European pride, homogeneity, solidarity, and nationalism. Before I proceed, allow me to clarify something, because I am well-aware of people’s tendency to jump to conclusions and think in polarized extremes, especially in regards to topics such as this. I am not condoning Nazism, nor is it my intention to advocate the revival of such a movement. But you see, that right there is exactly it. The enthusiastic willingness to keep oneself far away from the answers, only because the answers have been buried beneath controversial stigma. The purpose of this talk is to promote the conscientious search for the answers that lay buried within the rubble of what we have been instructed to fear and avoid since birth. The problem with Germany’s National Socialist movement during World War II, was that through the extreme nature of its conduct, it served to create and assign great stigma to European nationalism in general. Briefly summarized, they went too far in regards to how they carried out their agenda, and it backfired not only against them, but unfortunately against all Europeans today. Because of this, every constituent that the National Socialist movement consisted of, both negative and positive, has become demonized, including European homogeneity, solidarity, and nationalism. These essential pillars of European continuity have been wrongfully made to be seen as synonymous with hatred, racism, and genocide. Ironically, the very same things that are now being inflicted upon the European people. This stigmatization of European nationalism and solidarity by blanket association with its controversial past is perhaps the foremost factor in the subversion of the European nations and peoples, both in Europe and across the world.

And so we can understand how easy it is for any opponent of the European identity to leverage this stigma against European nationalism, through the threat of harmful labels. Europe’s history has been weaponized against itself to its extreme detriment. In a time of war and migrant crisis, any non-European nation has immunity from false obligations that would damage their own ethnic homogeneity and cultural integrity. Yet it is whites who are expected to kneel. It is whites who are expected to open the gates and yield to change. It is whites who are expected to accept being raped, killed, and marginalized within their own ancestral homelands by invaders of foreign descent, who are owed absolutely nothing. It is whites who are told by a globalist narrative, that they need diversity and multiculturalism in order to survive. By definition, this is genocide. And this is while China, India, Japan, Korea, African nations, Middle-Eastern nations, and Israel persist and flourish as culturally and ethnically homogeneous nations, all without criticism.

So what if Europeans broke these chains? The big secret is that this is the very last thing the globalist elite want. If Europeans united in proud solidarity, tore off the heavy veil of history that wrongfully enslaves them to the past, and started living for today, and their own future, this would deal a death blow to the globalist agenda. Not to forget the past, but to let it go, keeping it safely within distant sight. To not be afraid of becoming who they are. To not be afraid of ignoring and casting aside anyone or anything that would try to control their destiny. To ignore hollow accusations from those who fear their success. To proudly embrace, protect, and promote their precious heritage. Who is anyone to tell Europeans how they should handle their history and future? Who is anyone or anything other than those of European blood and soil, to hold governance over the destiny of the European identity? If the European identity is to survive, then it must abandon self-destructive pathological altruism, and begin living for itself, and not others.






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