The genocidal war on Europe.

The clandestine globalist banking elite are hard at work, behind the scenes, plotting the creation of their future – the creation of an ideal playing field to facilitate their financial debt matrix, to the detriment of personal and cultural integrity.

A large portion of their work is carried out by their dedicated media propaganda divisions, whose job is literally to sell you, their customer, the ideological programming that further supports their agenda. Simultaneously, they work to create distractions in the media, by appealing to vain instincts or creating social schisms based on topics that are largely non-issues for the vast majority of society, such as celebrity drama or extreme feminism, all while cashing in on it. Such diversions and distractions are carried out while they work to undermine the foundations of what is of inherently true value to us.

Cultural Marxism, while enforced on a global scale, is mainly focused on the western world in its mission to consolidate all nations, cultures, and ethnicities into one. You can not blend such constituents together without rendering their individual traits indistinguishable, or at least diminishing them, not to mention creating volatile reactions. It is by its very results a form of sabotage, and it is being carried out against the western world with considerable success.

Such ideologies as political correctness, multiculturalism, and absolute egalitarianism are particularly easy to sell. They present themselves as warm and inviting philosophies that easily appeal to people’s intuitions. In context with the western world, these ideologies simply can not be afforded in excess. They are illusory. Absolute egalitarianism is promoted by the ruling class to everyone with the intent of pacifying and subjugating them, but it is typically only embraced in practice by the meekest, and either disregarded by the strongest or leveraged in some way to further their own causes. It’s an aesthetically pleasing narrative, with little to no actual practice put forth. If this were not the case, the homeless would not blanket the streets in so-called egalitarian societies, nor would India have a caste system, nor would 80% of the wealth generally be allocated to 1% of the population. If anything, the practice of egalitarianism is relative to personal success and well-being, and best suited to the following expression: First your family, then your friends, then your country, then everyone else.

Even though these ideologies present themselves as outwardly happy, “feel-good” ways of thinking, they come with significant costs when put to practice. They create weaknesses to be exploited. Despite the fact that they are not viable models of society for European civilization to thrive on, they still appeal to many a sellout who would rather forsake their own blood and soil for the illusory comfort of weakness and degeneracy, rather than fight to protect and preserve that which is rightfully theirs. Europeans are being made to forget that everything that makes them European was gifted to them by their ancestors, who struggled through thousands of years of pain and adversity, not just to have it all given away and diluted by baseless and illusory notions. Nonetheless, many would still rather sell out their European heritage in favor of appeasing the corrupt expectations of the status quo, which have been instated by the advertisement, propaganda, and media machines.

These ideologies are being weaponized against the European people, who are largely responsible for the creation of the western world. The North American framework of society sprung forth from a diaspora of European settlers. It is largely a mirrored reflection of Europe. The term “western world” refers to both these domains. North America however is different in that people of non-European descent also greatly contributed to its creation. And so the past and coming points I have made, and will make, are indeed more geared towards Europe. Europe, from which Europeans originate and evolved according to its unique geography and climates. Who could possibly bear more right to the claim of Europe, than anyone who directly originates from it by blood and soil?

And this is exactly what the globalist bankers are against. They are specifically against a homogeneous, Euro-centric Europe that honors and protects its ancestry and heritage, because that is their greatest threat. They utilize whatever means possible that they can, to attack and destroy European culture and ethnicity. They leverage historical references to beat Germany into submission with superficial guilt over WWII, which then echoes with its paralyzing effects across the rest of Europe. They do this all while hypocritically ignoring their own involvement as instigators and financiers of both sides involved. They instigate conflicts in foreign parts of the world and manipulate European military forces into involvement under the false pretext of fighting to install democracy in foreign lands that we would otherwise have nothing to do with! Massive expenditures of human life and resources for the sake of the well-being of distant foreigners is not their true intent at all. The real motivations behind their involvement in these foreign countries are more selfish.

Use of the EU and North American puppet governments as tools to act in the interest of a foreign policy that is suspiciously always in accordance with Israel’s favor, and against their long time enemies, Arabic and African nations.

Sustaining a perpetual war between Christian and Muslim nations in order to distract them from a greater common enemy that looms over them both.

Consolidation of foreign currencies under a centralized world banking system by direct force, or through the creation of destabilizing rebel forces. This is carried out under the false pretext of “spreading democracy”. Libya and Muammar Gaffafi for example, or Syria and Bashard al-Assad.

Acquisition of essential resources such as oil.

But furthermore, these conflicts also precipitated the massive migrant crisis that spreads across Europe. The interventions in African and Arabic countries created a weapon for the globalist bankers to use specifically against Europe. An assault on the European demographic through ethnic and cultural assimilation. A campaign of interracial and intercultural mixing that is actually supported by the brainwashed victims of the cult of political correctness. This is despite the fact that there is no justifiable argument or pretext for European countries owing these “refugees” anything at all – the European people never asked to intervene and create the chaos in the middle east that lead to the migrant crisis. No, to the contrary, they are the victims of their own corrupt governments, who most certainly aren’t acting in the best interests of the European people. The social justice warriors and sycophants vicariously thrive on the illusory happy feel-good experience of destroying their own heritage by embracing this migrant crisis. They are either fools or insane, but most certainly traitors to their own blood and soil.


Translation: “Please come! Bring us diversity and cultural enrichment! It is boring here and we have guilty consciences over something we didn’t do to people we never knew, and we don’t want to be labeled *Nazis* and *Racists*! Impose your culture, religion and laws when you become the majority! Fuel our statistics for immigrant driven rape of European women that our corrupt media hides! Breed with OUR women; we want to be cucked! Place great stress upon our social welfare system! Make us the minority in our ancestral homeland! Where you come from is completely homogeneous and will always be Syrian, Eritrean, Pakistani etc, so by that logic why should Europe be homogeneous and for native Europeans!? We owe you everything and being spineless feels great!”

It’s not that I don’t feel sympathy for victims of war such as the Syrian people. I do, but there has to be a firm line drawn for how low Europeans should kneel for every tragedy stricken person on the earth to hop onto their backs. The reality is that there is no basis for the argument that the European people owe foreign refugees and immigrants anything at all. Yet the migrant hordes bypass every other place of refuge and hospitality along the route to their conveniently chosen destination points in European countries. Many of them arrive with a sense of entitlement, and a desire to change the living conditions in favor of their personal preference.

It is statistically proven that people of immigrant descent in Europe have higher birth rates than the native European population, by a ratio disparity as high as 2:1 or more. This is also echoed in Canada, where Muslim women have an average of 2.5 births per woman versus Christian women’s 1.5. This kind of disparity in birth rates serves as a direct prerequisite to a permanent shift in Europe’s demographic. A small spark can easily grow into a large and troublesome fire.

Economists and other “experts” try to rationalize this by arguing that a massive influx of foreign immigrants and refugees with higher birth rates will revitalize an aging work force and drive new economic prosperity. What they fail to mention is that such changes are entirely possible to stimulate and create from within European countries. Immigrants and refugees do not have healthier reproductive systems than native Europeans. The difference in birth rates is cultural. They also fail to highlight the costs of receiving and establishing refugees in European countries versus doing so in neighboring Middle Eastern countries. They also fail to mention that it is detrimental to the countries from which immigrants and refugees come, when their most skilled and able-bodied are taken. They also fail to mention the rape of European women perpetrated by those of immigrant and refugee background, which the media conveniently ignores (especially in Sweden). Oh, and lastly (but not least), they also fail to mention that this is the definition of both selling out and genocide. Compromising European ethnic and cultural integrity for supposed economic gains? Selling out: Check. Imposing a sense of obligation on a population to have their numbers marginalized within their own ancestral homeland? Genocide: Check.

This war is not only being waged on the land, culture, and ethnicity of Europeans, but on the European psyche as well. Europeans are wrongfully mislead into believing that they owe the rest of the world everything to their own detriment, under the pretext of humanitarian obligation fueled by political correctness and wrongfully assigned historical guilt. Along with the Native Americans, Europe is on the path to becoming the second large-scale example of a people who have become displaced and marginalized within their own ancestral homeland. The difference with the example of Europe, is that while they have the power to stop it, many Europeans are allowing and supporting it! Every other ethnic group and nation on the planet who resides within their ancestral homeland, as they have been since its inception, has the right to continue as such without criticism. Look at China. Look at African countries. Look at Japan. Look at Arabic countries. Look at India. Look at North/South Korea. Look at Israel. Tell me, why is it it that multiculturalism and diversity are not being pushed on them? Why do they have cultural and ethnic homogeneity without being criticized for it?

But Europe and its native people? No, they are expected to accept their slow and comfortable genocide without objection, lest they fall under a storm of ostracizing and stigmatic persecution. European men are being turned into apathetic, feminized pacifists. The European people are riding on the train of psychological enslavement, false guilt, political correctness, multiculturalism, weaponized egalitarianism and humanitarianism, and cowardice, towards the cliff of their own destruction. It’s a slow train, but the drop is steep and fast. The globalist banking elite will succeed in winning this relatively quiet war, inevitably leading to the creation of a single subdued and diluted consumer base who are all the same color beige, easy to sell to, and easy to control. That is, if the sleeping beast that is Europe doesn’t wake up.

It is necessary that you fight to retain what is rightfully yours. If you fail to defend it, then you deserve to lose it.






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