How Left has become the new Right

The political spectrum in the western world is characterized by the duality of “leftist” and “rightist” philosophies. There is an inherent problem with this framework, as it naturally facilitates polarized thinking in terms of black and white, “right” and “wrong”. Over time, members of a society become locked in perpetual opposition over conflicting ideals, certain that their views are right. The “solutions” to problems become disproportionately enforced in a never-ending back and forth power struggle of conflicting ideologies. This is extremely counter-productive and dangerous, as it inhibits people’s ability to distinguish the important details that lay between both sides of an argument, and find the answer which so often lays upon the middle path.

And so presently, we see that the western world has for the most part become collectively inundated with what is essentially left-wing extremism. In most people lays some form of social justice warrior supporting this, who parrots the popular opinion and “feel-good” propaganda that partially stems from the outcome of the second world war (I’ll clarify that shortly..). They do this primarily out of ignorance, fear, and apathy. Most people do not have the interest or integrity to challenge the status quo. No – they have little integrity, because ironically enough their strength and identity in fact lays upon the foundation of being divided. Their only concerns are immediate ones in regard to the status of their bank account, the well-being of themselves and their family, and whatever content they can consume. They are trapped within the paradigm of existence that corporate interests and globalist agendas have created for them. A prison of consumerism. They remain content within this state of existence as long as they follow the rules and are rewarded with degenerate content to consume and pacify them. This is exactly what the organized network of globalists want. The dissolution of any solidarity built upon a noble foundation of common heritage and ancestry.

This left-wing extremism consists of many agents and constituents. It would be difficult for me to comprehensively list each one, but political correctness and multiculturalism are a strong start.

There is however a more pervasive cause of this left-wing extremism. The current economic model of society we live in depends on it for its survival and perpetuation. Corporations, quite literally, can not afford to be politically incorrect. Their greatest potential for profit lays in having the widest customer base. Enter: Multiculturalism. Because citizens of the western world are dependent upon this model of existence, they are therefore automatically predisposed towards selling out to it. If the corporations and consumer industry rely on multiculturalism and political correctness, then so will most of their adherents by proxy.

My use of the term “selling out” explicitly refers to White Europeans opting for immediate comfort and safety from the spotlight of persecution by adhering to political correctness and multiculturalism, which in turn requires them to  forsake their ethnicity, culture, lands, and heritage. If this were not the case, Europe’s leaders would consist of loyal nationalists concerned for the welfare of their people and lands, and European countries would not be getting swarmed by millions of foreign refugees who will inevitably change the ethnic and cultural landscape of Europe.

Regarding my earlier reference to WWII: Because of the fact that White/European pride/nationalism was literally destroyed on the world stage for all to see 70 years ago, this has in fact made it very difficult for Europeans to enact any such semblance of solidarity (despite needing exactly that in the midst of this migrant invasion) without being labeled “Racist/Supremacist/Nazi” by anyone who is an enemy of Europe and her indigenous people. Nationalism and solidarity have become privileges reserved exclusively for any ethnic group on the planet who are not White/European.

This is how left has become the new right. The resulting left-wing extremism that has arisen as a result of the outcome of WWII, has itself become just as bad or worse than what it was purportedly in response to. How ironic is that?

We should be direct in how we define Cultural Marxism. Let us call it out for exactly what it is: A form of social engineering that is detrimental above all to the European nations and their people. It is a malicious ideology that is ingeniously maintained by fear of ostracizing any who oppose it. Left has become the new Right.

So it is not a case of European nations or their people willingly committing suicide. It is that they have been forcefully indoctrinated by globalist corporate interests over the span of generations, with a propaganda of self-deprecation that has rendered them unable/unwilling to stand up and defend themselves. And the moment they do, they will be attacked for it by the rest of the world, including many of their own people. Political correctness is so effective a weapon, that many Europeans prefer to sell out and stay in the safety of the comfort zone, rather than stand up in the hazardous defense of their culture and land.

Is culture and land worth fighting for?

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