The irrelevance of the Abrahamic religions to Europe and her people

Native Europeans today are the direct descendants of ancestors who inhabited the same lands as early as seven thousand years ago. While the history of today’s European people has conflicting numbers regarding how long they have inhabited the European continent in their current incarnation, one thing we can agree on is that Europeans have been the same people, in the same place, for a very long time. The ancestral Europeans had their own gods, their own religions, their own philosophies, and their own ways of life.

But then why is it that today approximately three fourths of all Europeans identify their religious beliefs as Christian? One of the world’s three main Abrahamic religions originating from the desert along with Islam and Judaism, Christianity is as fundamentally foreign and alien an export to Europe as say, boomerangs from Australia, or tea leaves from China. There is no common thread whatsoever that justifies the tie between most of the world’s adherents to Christianity, and the original people and place of its origin. Somewhere along the way, over the course of two thousand years, Europeans became afflicted with cultural amnesia brought on by the spread of Christianity. They lost their ways and became overwritten with a new cultural operating system. But how?

The spread of Christianity throughout Europe succeeded through a combination of the circumstantial benefit of power hungry rulers, brute force, and the preying on of the European people’s basic fears and insecurities concerning life and death. The Catholic Church had only risen to any considerable power in the first place due to Emperor Constantine I’s divine hallucination in the year 312, which he attributed his victory in a power struggle with his brother to. After his victory, Christianity was given favor over all other religions. Eventually, the only large-scale semblance of empire that remained in Europe following the collapse of Rome in 476, was the Catholic Church. From this point on, Christianity was in the convenient position to serve as the primary medium for power-struggles and power-mongering throughout Europe, supported by its foreign Judaic formula of hope and salvation.


As time progressed onward to the crusades of the eleventh century, Christianity had begun to capitalize on the use of extreme brute force to convert European pagans under the threat of extermination. Those that Christianity did not convert through brute force, were converted through other methods. Pagan women’s protective maternal instincts were leveraged into convincing them to have their babies baptized under the “true god”, lest their offspring be damned. European women were (and still are) a favorite target as one of the most precious and vulnerable ways to corrupt culture. There was the exploitation of the fear of death through the enticing promise of eternal life, via strict adherence to the doctrines of Christianity. Various forms of spiritual extortion that relied on people’s desire for salvation after a life of turmoil, pain, and “sin”. Bribery in the form of gaining political power and control through allegiance to the Church’s empire. The use of physical pain and death continued with greater horror throughout the Inquisition.

All of this served to undermine the true original cultures and identity of Europe and its people. Christianity has essentially served well as a foreign instrument of sabotage and control, created by supremacists, perpetuated by sellouts, and maintained by basic existential fears. I use the word supremacists, because in its earliest incarnations Christianity was reserved by the Israelites as strictly for “God’s chosen people”, and off-limits to gentiles. It was never conceived to serve as a means for salvation of all the earth’s people, which would be contradictory to the self-centered and elitist nature of its creators. It was merely misconstrued and reworked to suit the needs of any who adopted it. Today it serves as nothing more than a selectively modified, bastardized, watered down version of Judaism for Goyim. How harsh the truth.

The notion that Europe and her people need to derive their philosophy, religion, and basis for morality from foreign gods, messiahs, and prophets, is absolutely insulting and condescending. To the contrary, it resulted in the restriction of progress in Europe over the course of hundreds of years i.e: the “Dark Ages”, a period during which scientific advancement and ancestral European culture was suppressed and destroyed.

None of the Abrahamic religions have any original, historical connections to Europe whatsoever. They are one-hundred percent foreign. They have spread through force, fear, and intimidation since their earliest origins. They are nothing more than a foreign occupying cultural operating system that disconnects its victims from their ancestral roots. Their validity can be dismissed solely by the fact that they serve no application whatsoever to anyone on this planet who has never been introduced to them and therefore possesses no knowledge of them, therefore they have no universally verifiable truth if they rely solely on humans (and an exclusive portion of humans at that for any given example, mind you) as the only agent of their propagation. By this logic alone, Sun worship – SUN WORSHIP, has more credibility, since it is a universally applicable and mutually shareable experience. Wow.

European Paganism is much closer to the mark in this regard in that it revolves around mutually shareable experiences concerning the reverence and protection of Nature, Blood, Soil, Family, Honor, and the earthly plane. You know, silly tangible things. And even if the deities surrounding European Paganism are nothing more than symbolic representations of earthly correlations, at least they were actually created by the ancestors of those who worship them. 


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