Woods of Ypres


Woods of Ypres were a Canadian Black/Doom/Folk Metal band whose career spanned from 2002-2011. Named after a battle that Canada fought in during the First World War, the band released four full-length albums, and one EP. Throughout the length of its career, the band went through many changes to its lineup, with only one consistent member, multi-instrumentalist David Gold.

Woods of Ypres are a gem in Canada’s musical output. Frontman David Gold along with guitarist Joel Violette worked hard to produce 2012’s Juno Award winning masterpiece Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light. I want to share this band and its work because of the personal influence it has had on me. David Gold’s lyrics are existentially compelling, and critical of modern life. He wrote about death, relationships, nature, personal crisis, existentialism, the value of life (as well as the futility of it all), loneliness, and the trials of surviving in modern society.

Woods of Ypres and David Gold proved to become an enigma. Sadly he passed away in an automobile collision on December 21st, 2011 at the young age of 31. Somewhat prophetically, he wrote and sang about things that you could argue alluded to his own death. Listen to the band’s final album and decide for yourself. If you like it, check out their earlier work as well.

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