Political Correctness, the Multicultural Agenda, and the Attack on Europe.

Jack Donovan has a talk on YouTube titled “White Tribalism disrupts their regularly scheduled programming”. In it he raises a very strong point. He talks about how corporate greed is the primary driving force behind multiculturalism and political correctness, because it amalgamates multiple demographics into one globalist identity, and makes it easy to pitch and sell their product to a single subdued consumer base.

My greatest fear is that because of this, the European identity will be forcefully torn out from beneath the feat of the European people, who will become victims due to their own fear of being labelled racist and xenophobic. Standing up and defending their culture, blood, and ancestral homeland is not racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, or hateful in anyway. Many people can not seem to understand this. Along with the fear of receiving these labels, Europeans have also become weakened with a terrible self-destructive sickness. This sickness is the self-righteous complacency that comes with being politically correct and walking in line with the rest of the sheep, who march to their own destruction with a smile on their face, feeling good about it all the way.

Understanding this is extremely important. The reason so many people adhere to political correctness and feel good about it, is no different than the human tendency to choose instant gratification and immediate reward, versus prolonged struggle for a greater result. It is a form of cowardice, for people who can’t handle the strain of adversity against a threat that targets us all equally. They don’t want to share the load – they want to take themselves out of the heat of the crosshair, and stay comfortable in their living rooms in front of their televisions, cellphones, laptops, and tablets, consuming degenerate content that keeps them sedated with news about celebrity affairs and vain material possessions, among many other irrelevant non-issues that are used to distract people from the real issues that should concern them on a personal and profound level.

European pride and solidarity has become a stigma. It has become white guilt, a false sense of obligation that we feel we owe to the rest of the world. This is how Europe is becoming castrated and infiltrated by foreigners who care very little for our culture, history, and traditions. The majority of foreign migrants who settle in Europe congregate into isolated cells of existence. One aspect of European culture they have no problem adopting however, is white women. “Our” media is ever so willing to support them in this by pushing the image of interracial relationships with great enthusiasm. And yet, for me to say this brands me as having racist sentiments – which is truly fascinating. Rather, and in proper accordance with today’s western popular attitude (at least as the media and mainstream culture would have it), I should promote interracial mixing, and with it the dissolution of thousands of years of struggle put in by ancestors who would have envisioned continuity of their legacy intact, with a common ancestry.

The reality is that foreign immigration in moderation can be a positive force in any society. While people from other parts of the world have their own unique contributions to share with a society in the form of cuisine, games, art, music, and more, at the same time and under no circumstances is it a necessity, as many try to assert. Ultimately, you should judge people by the content of their character, and on an individual basis; you can’t generalize. My message is not one of hate, but of careful moderation and true diversity. Multiculturalism unchecked precipitates the death of cultural diversity through inevitable dilution of individual cultures, and eventual amalgamation of all cultures into one.

Today, Europe and its ancestral people are more sensitive to the effects of immigration than any other population on the planet. That is due to the combination of receiving more immigrants than anywhere else in the world right now (with the exception of the USA), combined with the fact that Europe is one of the few original places of origin for white people. To clarify this, flip the scenario and apply it to a  country with a homogeneous population, such as Tibet. Now picture Tibet being flooded with Europeans who gradually replace the culture and people of the land with their own. There would be a global outcry over such a moral injustice! And yet, when this happens to Europe, nobody can say or do anything about it! Do you want to talk about hypocrisy and double-standards?

If you’d like to know more, read this article. Thanks to The Golden One for sharing it with me. May it put into perspective the very real threat that massive immigration poses against Europe.


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