People spend a lot of time trying to figure out what exactly makes us tick. Not just in regards to psychiatry and our inner-workings and motivations, but other major facets of life. Human nature, religion, morality, the meaning of life, etc. A lot of things get romanticized, lost in abstraction, and removed from the much simpler objective truth. It seems that people truly love nothing more (with the exception of sex for sure*) than to get lost in their own projected illusions. We spend a lot of time creating meaning for ourselves. Creating a lot of things to pacify our existence, to make it enjoyable, or at least tolerable. Have you ever wondered why drugs and alcohol are so pervasive in modern society? They’re largely a form of escapism, but escapism from what?

At the end of “the day”, the “day” referring to the bottom line, what we say, and even the definitions we fight and kill each other over (religion, for example), are far removed from what we do. Our talk is different from the walk. The purpose of this post is my attempt to destroy the illusion and explain the contradiction, if even just for a moment. I want to tear away the thin veil of Maya.

What could be more objective than the physical existence that defines us? The body that binds us to consciousness and facilitates the experience we are having? My example for the greatest hypocrisy of the human species, lays at the human mouth. It talks about hope, love, charity, peace – all kinds of romanticized, happy, idealistic stuff. And yet, on a daily basis, at least three times for most people, it spends its time destroying and consuming life. Talk about irony. Behind every smile is a set of teeth. There is destruction and chaos fundamentally interwoven into the very fabric of our being. It is such a part of us and practiced so regularly that we actually lose awareness of it, allowing us to self-indulgently create and entertain ourselves with illusory frameworks that remove us from our true selves.

We love sex, eating, and exercise so much because it is the exact opposite of what we fucking hate above everything else in reality – Death (.. and maybe being set on fire, along with modern political correctness and warm beer). Not just a mere coincidence of polarized opposites. Movies are another statistically verified source of human enjoyment, right behind the previously mentioned ones. They allow us to become immersed in another reality, and live vicariously through someone else’s problems instead of our own, on the tracks of major common themes that we can relate to.

My intention here isn’t to disenchant people from enjoyment of life. Far from it, I just hope for a world where people do not get caught up in the wrong illusions. Illusions are a powerful force that have the power to either motivate or weaken/destroy. They are a tool exclusive to the Human mind, allowing us to solve problems and empower ourselves through specific thought patterns. A psychological template for accomplishment. Illusory beliefs can be the prerequisite to many forms of success. Someone lifting more weight because they believed they could. Someone earning a date with that smart and beautiful person because they convinced themselves into believing they were worthy, despite previously believing otherwise. But not all illusions are positive. Some backfire, and have terrible long-term consequences. I will leave those examples to your imagination.

Lately I have been delving further into Ancient European Paganism. In context with today’s progressively degenerate and integrity-eroding global culture, the religions, culture and philosophies of our ancient forebears were much closer to the truth. They fought for and protected blood and soil. Since we are fundamentally carnal and mundane creatures of the Earth, which will of course never change, why should we ever move on from those core values? In the midst of today’s harmful illusions, we have something to learn from the past.

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