Modern Life versus Simpler Life: A Contrarian Rant

Being in the forest with your friends is one of the most underrated experiences. You spend your whole life in the city. You get up in the morning and eat a routine meal, and get ready to commute to the same fixed location that serves as your workplace, every day. The “cog in the machine” lifestyle fucking sucks. We live in a new age of empowerment, in the sense that you have the means to work hard and make serious decisions that can significantly affect the life you have. Who the fuck wants to live in the same city, working the same job their whole life? The “traditional” old template of living is completely outdated. Why do so many subscribe to a model of living that forces us to work our asses off through disconnected occupations that are so far distant from the life we want to be living?

Keeping myself in check, I am aware that life isn’t easy. The reason we are able to do the things we do can largely be attributed to the work of others as well as of those who came before us. Automobiles, petrol, and telecommunications are just some of the examples of major revolutionary developments that have completely overhauled our way of life. But despite these developments, I find that much of contemporary society has fallen into the trap of the modern lifestyle. We live within environments so different than that from which we came. Wired into computers on a regular basis, our eyes and attention fixed to screens that beckon us to every new portion of information available. Projecting ourselves onto virtual mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, so that we may vicariously live through digital avatars of ourselves. Modern living seems to disconnect ourselves so profoundly from our roots. I find that the vast majority of people I come across are completely immersed within this lifestyle.

People should be spending more time within the forests. People should be deprogramming themselves on a semi-regular basis in order to not fall into the trap of conventional modern life. Living on a timer, dependent on numbers in the financial and punctual sense are stressful and non-organic patterns of living. And this is the life we all subscribe to. But I know it isn’t as easy as just opting out, and creating some ideal utopian paradigm of existence to escape to. There has to be a balanced approach to overhauling our standards of living. But is there?

Perhaps it isn’t possible to overhaul our paradigm of existence. Do people have the solidarity, focus, and discipline to collectively make such drastic changes? Oscar Wilde once said “everything popular is wrong”, and perhaps his contrarian notion really was onto something in regards to modern life. We might not be able to change the world, but we can change ourselves. We have the power to say “fuck you” to the system, to either entirely opt out, or exploit  it to our benefit. Create or discover a methodology to cheat the system, to improve your means of escaping modern life, in order to reconnect with nature and the fundamental conditions that lead to our existence.

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